Through the years, AEQ has been actively compiling the acquired experience in terms of both data and technical solutions for Radio and TV Broadcasting. The majority of this experience is readily available to our customers. In order to provide a 360º service in radio and TV finstallations, AEQ produces technical furniture, cables and accessories that complete high quality studios.



AEQ has more than 30 years of experience in producing and installing technical furniture for Radio. AEQ's furniture is completely modular and based upon a concept of standard basic modules. The AEQ DSD system provides excellent flexibility and can be adapted to almost any situation. AEQ's DSD-01 technical furniture combines design, perfect finish, ease of installation and maintenance, functionality and ergonomics.


Many years of experience obtained through our activities in engineering services and installations have synthesized with regards to what specifications a professional audio cable should have. AEQ offers a wide range of top-quality, simple-to-install single- and multi-pair cables that are apt for both analog and digital audio.


AEQ has amassed more than 10 years of experience in technical furnishings for Radio, which combine modern designs, perfect finishing, ease of installation and maintenance, functionality and ergonomics. We have also developed the accessories necessary for the professional installation of a radio studio.


Microphones pecially designed for voice, they features an excellent dynamic range, generating a response that is not only clear, transparent and bright, but also compact and full of detail at low frequencies, with extremely low distortion independently on the received sound pressure level.

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