Radio Marca relies on AEQ's IP Audiocodecs for its programme connections

Phoenix Venus, Alio, Stratos, Mercury and the portable IP audiocodec TALENT are now part of the Radio Marca studios

Radio Marca is a Spanish radio station that broadcasts sports information 24 hours a day. It was founded in 2001 and has its origins in the sports newspaper MARCA. It currently broadcasts on FM, DAB, DTT and via Internet from its website. Radio Marca also has local programming, such as Radio Marca Barcelona, which has been broadcasting since 2004. Radio Marca has a total of 52 stations in the most important cities in Spain, and its main slogan is: “Sport is ours”.

Given the very specific sports content that fills Radio Marca’s broadcasts, for its outside connections from the stadiums, pavilions and sports venues where most of its news takes place, as well as the STL links between the numerous production studios and transmitter centres, the company’s technical department needs a robust, reliable and easy-to-use audiocodec solution.

Radio Marca has been a customer of AEQ technology since its origins, and now it has clearly opted for IP audiocodecs of the PHOENIX family, having deployed in its network numerous units of AEQ STRATOS or AEQ VENUS or for smaller places AEQ MERCURY.  On the other hand, for sports coverage in stadiums, Radio Marca has a lot of AEQ ALIO equipment and lately a lot of AEQ TALENT with more than 40 units deployed right now with their journalists.

AEQ TALENT is an ultra-compact portable IP audiocodec that allows the transmission of a high quality encoded audio channel from a microphone to remote equipment at the station, and back to the participant’s headset. It can also transmit a stereo signal from a 3.5 mm jack plug, or from a Bluetooth A2DP connection, or mix the microphone with the stereo signal. In the opposite direction it can receive stereo programme feedback or commands from the station and in addition to listening to it via headphones, the received audio can be output via a line output, or via Bluetooth, to a PC or an amplification system.

The Technical Manager of Radio Marca España Mr Jose Luciano Nombela highlights the simplicity of use and the small size of AEQ TALENT which makes it perfect to travel with journalists in their suitcases to the most diverse sporting events in Spain and around the world.

AEQ TALENT connected by Bluetooth to a Smartphone, allows telephone interviews, or through applications such as Skype, Whatsapp or Zoom, among others, which provide a high quality to the voice of the interviewee, and incorporate them into the programme sent to the station with very easy connectivity.

As a communication channel, AEQ TALENT can use a home Internet connection via ADSL or a wireless 3G/4G/5G data connection via a simple router/modem with SIM card. TALENT’s microphone input is equipped with an extremely low-noise and low-distortion preamp. The signal can be transported using the latest OPUS coding technology which guarantees high bandwidth and minimum delay.

For more information on Radio Marca please visit: https://www.marca.com/radio.html

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