4K, Full HD, 1920x1200 resolution broadcast video monitors for measurement of signals in video and television production centers

The Kroma by AEQ range of video monitors covers the range of sizes, resolutions, performance and applications required for video signal display, text and measurement in broadcast and other professional applications.

Multiple models and sizes availables, from 4" preview monitors to large format monitors up to 46".
Signal monitoring instrumentation: waveform, vectorscope, IMD, Luma check...
Wide range of video inputs and resolutions such as 4K, Full HD, SD/HD-SDI,...

LM 9000 series
4K Broadcast Monitors

UHD Monitors with broadcast features based on quadruple 10 bit processor. There are two models available: 55″, 31” and 24”. High performing monitor that support the reproduction of 4K video signals in Single and Quad-Link, both in “Square division” and “2-sample interleave” formats. 

Front and Rear Panels

4 SDI, input/output pairs with signal presence LED

DCI (Digital Components Input) connector

RS 232C serial port

USB connector for firmware upgrade

RJ45 connector for GPI

A pair of RS 422 input and follower connectors for UMD/IMDI

Power switch

14 control and quick-access keys

Navigation encoder

Front tri-color Tally

Headphone connector

2 speakers

Tech Features

• 2xBNC 12G-SDI with their respective loops for Single-Link UHD and 4K signals display.
• 4xBNC 3G-SDI for 4K and UHD signals display with Quad-Link.
• 4K image processing in “Square Division” and “2-Sample Interleave” formats.
• DCI 2.0 inputs (not compatible with HDCP) allowing for resolutions up to 2160p60.
• Color space selection (3-D LUT) EBU, NTSC, SMPTE-C, REC709, BT.2020. and D-CINEMA.
• Color temperature selection: 3200K, 5500K, 6500K and 9300 K.
• Firmware upgrade via USB port.
• Remote control through GPI port (RJ45 connector).
• Audio level meter for up to 16 channels.
• HDR (high dynamic range) display function with several ST2048, ST2084, HLG curves and Slog3. Demo mode for HDR / SDR comparison.
• Peaking lter and False Color.
• LTC and DVITC timecode display.
• Vectorscope and waveform.
• Closed Caption according to 608, 808 ANC, Transcoded 608 and CC708.
• Blue Only / Mono.
• Several marker formats with adjustable transparency and color: 4:3, 16:9, 14:9,13:9, 2.35:1, and 1.85:1.
• Safe Area: 80%, 85%, 88%, 90%, 93%, 95%, EBU Graphic, Action.
• Center Marker with three selectable sizes.
• H / V Flip function.
• Aspect ratios: 4:3,16:9, 15:9, 14:9, 13:9, 1.85:1, 2.35:1, 1:1, native.
• Power supplies: Internal switching AC power supply and DC Input.

LM 8000 series
Full HD Broadcast Monitors

New 9”,  18,5” and 24” broadcast monitors from KROMA BY AEQ family with FULL-HD resolution for test and measurement of signals in video and television production centers. Improved Color-depth, better scaling of the input images, better de-interlacing of the video signal, Dual Input, Dual Output and HDR Emulation.

Front and Rear Panels


DCI connector (Digital component input)

DVI input

RJ-45 TSL for IMD and Tally contro

RJ-45 with 3xGPI for generic functions

Power switch

13 control keys and quick access keys

Tri-color front Tally

Headphone connector

2 speakers

Tech Features

• Remote control of the monitors via Ethernet using the new, second generation, remote control software for PC.
• Color configuration by password-protected menu, with several user memories and color spaces.
• Color temperature selection: 3200K, 5500K, 6500K and 9300K.
• Audio de-embedding from SDI (16 channels) and digital component input (stereo).
• Vu-meter display for up to 16 channels with several different scales (dBFS, BBC, DIN, Nordic, STD, NA, FRA, EBU).
• Phase-meter showing the phase relation between each stereo audio pair.
• PIP, PBP, PBP A and PBP H functions.
• Waveform (Y Cb Cr) and vectorscope display.
• Luma check, false color and focus-assist.
• Preview according to BT2100 standard for ST2084 (PQ) and HLG.
• Menu and TSL-protocol configurable IMD.
• TimeCode.
• Several aspect ratios: 4:3,16:9, Auto, Native, 1:1.
• Various formats of markers with several levels of transparency and colors: 4:3, 21:9, 16:9, 15:9, 14:9, 13:9, 2.39:1, 2.35:1,1.896:1, 1.85:1 and 1.66:1.
• Safe Area: 80%, 85%, 88%, 90%, 93%, Graphic, Action.
• Center Marker with three selectable sizes.
• Sharpness, delay, scan, inverted image.
• Freeze mode.
• Layout mode that allows the user to analyze, clearly and within a single window, the different parameters of the video signal as well as the possible auxiliary data.
• Close Caption CC608(VBI), CC608(ANC) and CC708.
• DualSplit mode.
• Auto-calibration of the monitor colors by connecting a color probe and Lightillusion Kroma-specific control software. This calibration generates 3D LUT (look up tables) exclusive for each monitor in order to correct all non-linearity inherent to the display manufacturing process.
• Possibility to select different Gamut for SDR (Rec709, SMPTE-C, EBU, NTSC, DCI and Rec2020) and HDR (Rec709, DCI and Rec2020).
• Internal power supply.

Optional Control Software

Auto-calibration of the monitor colors by connecting a color probe and ColourSpace Kroma specific control software of LightIllusion. This calibration generates 3D LUT (look up tables) exclusive for each monitor in order to correct all non-linearity inherent to the display manufacturing process. With this ColourSpace software it’s possible to generate SDR and HDR colour spaces (HLG, PQ, BT709, BT2020…) for all LM8000 sizes. 

Lightillusion 3D LUT calibration 

Other Broadcast Monitors

The 7000 series from KROMA includes new functions to increase the signal monitoring capabilities.  Up to 1920×1200 resolution and DVI-I and DCI inputs, composite video inputs (or menu selectable e/s) and two SD/HD/3G-SDI inputs with active loop outputs. It also has camera calibration tools as well as other additional functions.

The new QS from AEQ-KROMA, with built-in quadsplit and 10 inputs, is now enhanced with waveform and vectorscope tools, high resolution IMD (In-Monitor Display) and VU-meters, onscreen clock and the option to turn 4 video inputs into outputs by menu. They can monitor both analogue and digital audio.

Preview Monitors

The 7500 series from KROMA, with monitor kits of 9”, 7”, 5” and 4”, feature high quality LED-backlight screens with functions like the option to display 3G signals, tools for camera calibration, and other improved functions; it is indeed the right choice for HD/3G OB Vans, sports productions and in general, whenever several signals must be monitored in a space constraint facility.

The LM6500 preview monitors series includes kits in 4”, 5”, and 7”. The monitors are based on 16:9 native LCD high resolution panels, featuring LED backlight to reduce power consumtion and providing better colour reproduction and IPS. Disponen de 4 entradas de video por pantalla. LM6500 series represents the right choice for HD OBVans and sports productions.

Available Calibration Tools


Primary colours red, green and blue, as well as Gamma adjustments. Different colour gamut selection, necessary to work in any professional video environment: HD-BT.709, 4K-DCI and BT.2020.

High Dynamic Range

Brightness up to 1000Cd/m2, the LM9000 monitors accurately reproduce every HDR video standard: HLG, ST2084 or PQ (Perceptual Quantizer) and S-Log curves. Also available on the LM8000 series.

Calibration Software

It allows each monitor to be individually adjusted to the user's preferences, as well as to set the colour spaces standardised by international organisations.

Waveform and Vectorscope

Video signal analysis for luminance and chrominance levels, in YCbCr or RGB format. They allow to detect pixel values above or below those recommended by ITU and SMPTE standards.

VU meters

The VU meters detect and evaluate the audio level of all channels present in the video signal. The level bars with their respective scale levels facilitate the needs of any user.

Aspect Ratio

It allows working at pixel level with each one of the existing formats in professional video, making possible the reproduction on screen of the input signal with its native resolution, avoiding its processing.


The different markers help the operator to determine which parts of the image are finally seen by the final viewers of the images.

Focus Assist

Focused edges are highlighted in red when they reach a certain sharpness value (configurable by menu).

Luma Check & False color

Luma check highlights pixels whose luminance values are out of range: red for underexposed and cyan for overexposed pixels. False colour scales the range of luminance values in 10 different levels and displays them in different colours.

Dual Split

Two signals are monitored with their corresponding waveforms, vectorscope, IMD and tally. An integrated splitter at no extra cost.

Pixel Mapping

It shows the real pixels of the signal, avoiding the decimation of the 9" and 18.5" screens with FullHD signals in the LM7000 series. It zooms in on the signal, and a small menu allows you to navigate through the different sections of the image.

Alarms Settings

In the QuadSplit series it is possible to configure independent alarms for each quadrant. 4 types: loss of synchro, freeze frame, loss of image and audio. The alarm is displayed as a frame bordering the image, with 4 colours.

Tme Code

On-screen representation of the time code embedded in the SDI signal in LTC and VITC formats.

Closed Caption

EIA-608 closed captioning sample in both VBI and ANC formats, as well as EIA-708.

Blue Only / Mono

Blue channel display, excluding red and green or monochrome display, allowing colour adjustment.

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