Up to Four Commentators plus Local Stereo I/O

Delivers high quality audio from any Outside Location

Provides program and return circuits, and an optional 2nd channel for full duplex coordination

Portable Audiocodec with IP connectivity

Phoenix ALIO has been designed specifically for sports broadcasting, but has been optimised to make it easy to use in a wide variety of scenarios, including music events. Its compact design, resistant to pressure, impacts and even liquids, is optimised for outdoor use and where handling is not always gentle.

High-definition preamps with tone control
OPUS encoding is our recommendation, but you can connect using your preferred encoding too
You will be able to use your favourite microphone or headset
Outstanding transmission quality
Magnificent dynamic range
Inappreciable delay in voice and studio feedback
Optional service that generates web links for PCs/mobiles to download an OPUS audiocodec from the cloud

Functional Description

Develop your transmission in a unique way

Small, user-friendly and easy to use.
In desktop format with a front of about 24×21 cm.

Front panel

Alphanumeric keys and call buttons

ON AIR or CUE microphone sending selection keys

4 microphone inputs, or 3 microphone and 1 stereo line inputs, with individual ON keys

Listen level control for headphones 1/2 and line output with TX/RXbalance adjustment.

Volume and channel selection for headphones 1, 2 and line-out

6 function keys:

  • IP: RTP/Smart RTP modes
  • SIP: N/ACIP compatible mode
  • AUTO: automatic call answering, etc
  • CODEC: code selection
  • HELP: Remote support
  • MENU: Advanced options

Dedicated Vu-meters

OLED display and menu navigation encoder (NAVI)

Develop your transmission in an easy way

HELP” function will allow the journalist on the move to call the station for help in an uncontrolled situation.
Smart RTP communication establishment system, which facilitates connection with compatible stationary codecs.
Conventional Internet connection, via ADSL or fibre.

Wireless 3G/4G/5G data connection via a simple router/ modem with SIM card.

Inmarsat or Starlink satellite internet connection.

Rear Panel

4 Mix Inputs

With Phantom power (switchable by menu), the IP port and power supply connector

Right Side Panel

Inputs and Outputs

For two different headphone circuits, and 2 pairs of XLR connectors, for stereo line input and output.

Your portable audiocodec for high quality broadcasts


Outside contribution

Contributions from commentators

Event broadcasting

Console for off tube booth

Sports commentators

Control Software

Control Phoenix

Control and configure your equipment from your computer.
All front panel controls are available in the CONTROL PHOENIX PC application, which allows you to remotely configure and operate an array of audiocodecs.

All codecs can be controlled on the network (local or remote) from one PC. An optional multi-codec application allows to detect all AEQ IP audiocodecs in a local network to control them in a coordinated way from a PC or group of PCs. It also allows remote equipment to be controlled via the Internet, favouring a comprehensive management of the communications network.


All front panel controls are available in the CONTROL PHOENIX PC application, which allows remote configuration and operation of a fleet of audiocodecs.

Audio presence indicators and remote vumeters can be displayed to facilitate the indication of the level of incoming and outgoing audio on each device, regardless of the location of each piece of equipment.

It incorporates an agenda with copy functions, which allows to have a central and individual agenda for each codec.

Technical Details

Inputs and Outputs

Microphone inputs
4 XLR-3 female. Low-noise preamplifier and switchable phantom power. Impedance 2 k ohms. Front panel and software adjustable level. Mute button.

Stereo line input
2 XLR-3 female. 9 k ohms. Nominal 0 dBu, maximum 20 dBu. Level adjustable from front panel and by software. Mute key.

Stereo line output
2 XLR-3 male. < 100 ohms. Nominal 0 dBu, maximum 20 dBu. Front panel and software volume control with TX and RX balance.

Headphone Outputs
2 1/4″ stereo jacks. Front panel and software volume controls with TX and RX balance.

Encoding Modes

Fully compatible with EBU Tech 3326 N/ACIP.SIP recommendation.

Encoding algorithms

AEQ recommends the use of OPUS algorithm. Equipment provides OPUS with Fs= 48kHz, mono, stereo, selected 4 mono and 3 stereo modes, bitrates between 12 and 192 Kbps, bandwidth between 6 and 20 kHz.For compatibility with other AEQ and third party  equipment , Venus 4 can work with a wide selection of algorithms; G711 Law A, Law u, G722, AEQ-LD, MPEG 1 and 2 – LII, linear PCM, and others on request.

Smart RTP and SIP server

To simplify the operation of the unit, AEQ offers the Smart RTP automatic call set-up mode. In addition, it offers Phoenix ALIO users the services of its own SIP server at no additional cost.

Other Features


• Front panel interface with keypad and encoders.
• OLED graphic display.
• 2 VU-meter LEDs on front panel.

Communications Interfaces
• BaseT Ethernet port. RJ45 connector.
• Option of 2nd communications channel for coordination or differentiated retransmission to two destinations.
General features
• Working temperature -10 to +45ºC (14 to 114ºF).
• Dimensions 240 x 210 x 60 mm.
• Weight 2 Kg (4.41 lbs) approx.
• Power supply 12V DC (9 to 18 V DC).
• Power consumption 12 W max.
• External adapter 90-263V 50/60 Hz.
• UPS option.
Other Features
• IP Multicast: transmission and reception with IGMP subscription management.• Multiple-unicast in RTP mode: allows sending the same stream to several different destinations (depending on the encoding algorithm).
• SIP. According to EBU-Tech 3326 recommendation. Possibility to work with or without SIP server.

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