Simple broadcast schedule

Local and remote-controlled automation

Powerful audio content management

Audio file Management, Automation and Playout system

Audioplus is the most advanced automation, management and playout system for professional broadcasting. It offers adaptable features to the real needs of small, medium and large radio stations. It works with any manufacturer sound cards.

It can run from ordinary PCs to high-performance workstations. Via analogue, digital USB and AoIP audio cards
Any audio file, list or text file can be stored locally or on a network, classified in different types of managers
Up to 4 independent playout machines including automation controls. Allows playout in list mode and ‘instant play’ mode

Professional automation within everyone's reach!


Automatic Schedule

Block selector

Display of scheduled blocks

Calendars and configuration of views (week, month, …)

Display of the selected view (in the picture weekly view is selected)

Status bar

Generation of music and advertising blocks for automatic broadcasting.

Remote Control

Central remote control server

Regional Header; Regional Order Generating Station

Central remote control generator station

Remote control command receiving and advertising broadcasting station

AEQ AudioPlus allows to generate and recognise disconnections by means of decentralised commands via satellite or data channels.

Internet Browser

AEQ AudioPlus integrates a web browser 100% compatible with all available communication components (Java, Flash) to easily generate text and audio.

Multitrack editor and integration with external editors

Up to 4 configurable players

Content management

Power Editor, integrated multitrack editor

Realise your creations with multi-track tools thanks to the link to in-house (Power Editor) or external editors.

Real time mix and audio edition


Object ONAIR

Audio objects in realtime crossfade editing

Crossfade editor in use

Agile and dynamic crossfade editor of all the objects in the playlist being broadcast.

Creating and Editing Objects

Audio original en edición

Zoom o fragmento del audio en edición

Listado de fragmentos guardados

Audio creation

Creating audio objects is as simple as starting the recording from the playout machine.

Audio adjustment and fragmentation

You can adjust the start and end of the audio or split it into different cuts. 

User interface

Menu bar: Appears at the top of the application and displays the menus from where the user and passwords can be changed, applications opened or closed, the workstation configured and player layouts opened. From here is also accessed Data Manager layouts and access help centre. System´s time is shown on the top right

Players: They are located on the left side of the screen. This is where the Play-out and recording are carried out in AEQ AudioPlus. There can be up to a maximum of 4 virtual players configured for 4 different audio cards. These players have control buttons and information fields to control the play-out of their data and to provide all the necessary information concerning the play-out operation

Controls: There is a number of pre-programmed instructions in AEQ AudioPlus for performing tasks on the players in order to manage the automatic execution of a list. These controls are located at the left of the screen

Information bar: It consists in a series of informative labels concerning the system, users, audio cards, ...

Data Manager: Located on the right side of the screen, includes two identical windows, top and bottom, where all the data are organized in managers (locations within hard drives or hard drives in servers or any storage media) that, in turn, are organized into levels of folders and subfolders.  Also in this section, the items can be loaded for playback on the Players through Drag&Drop

Advantages and Features

Software advantages
  • Selft installing intuitive software.
  • Automatic scheduling system for music and advertisings. 
  • Unattended automatic play-out system.
  • Graphical editing of transitions between music and presentation phrases.
  • Manual play-out system by means of list and instantaneous key.
  • Compatible with professional and low cot audio cards.
  • Fast two-track audio editor.
  • Includes Audacity free external editor and link to other high performance ones.
  • Up to 4 play-outs per PC plus pre-listening.
  • Edition and play-out of texts, even with embedded audio.
  • Imports/Exports audio in many different formats.
  • Support for remote network play-outs. 
  • Compatible with advertisement, music scheduling, contents extraction and legal copy systems. 
  • Software license control. 
Tech Features
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.
  • SQL database, Desktop Engine and Professional versions.
  • Possibility of play-out in safe-mode, network fail safe. 
  • Remote information exchange engine by means of FTP.
  • Supports special functions by means of GPI and GPO.
  • Time synchronization. 

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