8 or 12 channel fixed configuration digital audio mixing console

IP connectivity via 16 and 32 channel AES67/Dante modules

All features for live broadcasting or production

Optional remote control and operation support tools

Ultra-compact digital console with AoIP connectivity

Capitol IP is a very compact, programmable broadcast mixing console. The control surface comes with 8 or 12 physical 100mm faders and 2 direct routing keys per channel. The Control surface connects with an Audio engine or core and is available in two formats: recessed and desktop.

Powerful, independent audio engine for inputs, outputs and processing
Incorporates all required features for ON-AIR broadcast operations
Programmable keys for among other things, control of ancillary equipment
Choice of multi-channel connectivity through AoIP or MADI
Optional, dual digital telephone hybrid
Intuitive and agile applications for remote control operation and signal monitoring


Control Surface - Channel Section

100 mm faders

2 main routing buttons

Channel selection button for advanced settings

OLED display: shows channel name and status, balance/panorama

CUE button

Indicator of active processes

Channel activation button with channel on-air indicator light

Operability at the service of the user

Each channel on the surface provide: 2 direct access keys to the main routing and a channel selection key to access the advanced configuration and controls: gain, dynamics, equalisation, balance and sends to auxiliary outputs and n-1 buses.

The channel also has a display that shows the name of the input, channel status and balance/panoramics. It is followed by the CUE or pre-listening button, a led indicator that indicates either deviation from the Off-set gain, out of balance or non centred panoramics or if any process has been applied to this signal. The Channel “ON” key will indicate with a red LED if the channel is active and if the 100 mm sliding fader is open.

Control Surface - Control and Monitoring section

Precision LED Vumeters

Programmable keys

Multifunction display

Display-associated keys and encoders

Control, studio and talkback monitoring

4 PTT for direct intercom

This section provides two precision VU meters and 20 programmable keys. These high-precision stereo digital VU-meters can be assigned to the master outputs or, via the CUE keys, to any selected signal. The programmable Keys are available for a myriad of functions and controls, including audio engine cross-points, equipment control, talk-back and advanced signalling.

In the central part of the control module is located a multi-function display with associate keys and rotary encoders and are used for advanced configuration and functions. Each fader channel has a “Select” button that is linked to this area and allows for the adjustment of complex signal parameters and processing, internal routing, etc. Such configurations and adjustments can also be done with the optional “Capitol Screen” on a touch screen.

CAPITOL IP provide for independent monitoring in the technical area and studio. The lower part of this module contains the monitoring controls for the Control Room and Studio as well as the basic talk-back keys.

The most extensive set of functions for your ON AIR Broadcast Control

A wide variety of inputs and outputs as standard

Wide variety of inputs and outputs and as standard

M_CORE is an independent audio engine for inputs, outputs and processing, with mixing, dynamics, equalisation and filter functions. Optional redundant power-supply, dual digital telephone hybrid and AoIP connectivity through DANTE/AES67 or MADI I/Os.

4 mono, switchable mic/line inputs. Selectable 48V Phantom Power for Mic. Inputs

 2 USB stereo digital I/O`s with SRC on the Inputs

4 stereo AES/EBU digital inputs and Ouputs configurable as SPDIF

12 analogue inputs and 8 analogue outputs, individually configurable in stereo pairs

Control room and studio monitor outputs, CUE speaker output, control and studio headphones

Control room headphones with a 1/4" Jack Connector in the front panel of the Audio Engine

Optional DANTE™/AES67 AoIP or AES10 MADI Multichannel connectivity

8 GPIs/8 GPOs optocoupled and 4 GPOs through relay

High value optional applications

Capitol Screen: operational support tool

Control and visualisation software. Excellent for simple and convenient control of all console parameters. Displays important information for the user such as: VU meters, local time/calendar, “ON AIR” indicators and active phones, etc… It is possible to configure the parameters of equalisation functions, high pass filters, low pass filters, compressors/limiters, noise gates, etc…

Virtual Capitol: tool for remote control

To operate the console remotely, or in parallel with its control, simply use the “Virtual Capitol” app. This App shows an exact representation of the control surface. It includes all the physical controls available on the real console surface, as well as most of the advanced functions: control faders and audio channels, modify equalisations, gains, balance/panorama, save or load memories, activate special functions from programmable keys and even manage incoming phone calls.

Technical features and functions

  • Configurable control monitoring, paging, CUE, headphones and vu-meters for all system signals.
  • 2 direct routing buttons on each channel.
  • Silent ventilation of all elements through natural convection. CAPITOL is especially suitable for auto- or self-control operations.
  • Talkback function assignable to any microphone. 4 pre-configured talkback destinations plus a choice of further talkback destinations via soft-keys.
  • 2 integrated headphone outputs. Additionally a stereo line output can be assigned to secondary headphones.
  • 2 precision stereo vu-meters.
  • Test tone generator.
  • External system time clock synch, timer and stopwatch.
  • Electronically balanced microphone inputs with mic or line selection and surface configurable phantom power.
  • Electronically balanced line inputs and outputs.
  • Transformer balanced digital inputs and outputs.
  • Sampling Rate Converters (SRC) for digital inputs.
  • Optional redundant power supply.

Control Surface

Console control surface dimensions and weight
  • 8 faders recessed surface: Width: 482 mm (19”) Height: 8RU. 355 mm (14”). Depth: 40 mm (1.58”).
  • 8 faders desktop surface: Width: 560 mm (22.04”). Height: 455 mm (17.92”’). Depth: 75 mm (2.95”).
  • 12 faders recessed surface: 585mm wide and 355mm high. Depth: 40 mm (1.58”).
  • 12 fader desktop surface: 622mm wide and 322mm high. Depth: 75 mm (2.95”).
General Functions
  • Cough mute, ON-AIR signalling for studio and control, fader start, remote PFL, talkback…
  • Control for external equipment, e.g. AEQ hybrids and audiocodecs or third party equipment through programmable keys.
  • Memory banks – storage of all signal settings: one “default” and up to 9 user-defined configurations.
  • Auto start with the last settings made.
  • Input signals assignable to control channels.
  • Pre-/Post-Fader routing option.
  • Flexible configuration of N-1 or clean-feed outputs.
System processing capabilities
  • Internal sampling frequency 48kHz at 24bits.
  • Gain control (digital and analogue input and output signals at line level): ± 12 dB, including hidden signals.
  • Gain control (mic inputs): -36dB to +19dB.
  • Selectable balance/panoramic control for all channels.
  • Selective phase inversion.
  • Audio processing capability for 16 stereo signals (up to 8 or 12 on fader and the rest hidden).
  • Audio effects available: 3-band parametric EQ, high-pass and low-pass filters, compressor/limiter and noise gate.

M_CORE engine, specific features

Inputs and Outputs
  • 4 mono mic/line inputs.
  • 2 USB stereo digital inputs/outputs. SRC on Inputs.
  • 4 AES/EBU stereo digital inputs/4 outputs configurable as SPDIF. SRC on Inputs.
  • 12 analogue inputs/8 outputs (individually configurable in stereo pairs).
  • Analogue stereo outputs for control, paging, CUE and paging headphones.
  • Analogue stereo control headphone output with amplifier, 1/4” jack.
  • 8 GPI and 8 GPO opto-coupled and 4 GPO through relay contacts.

Optional Internal dual digital telephone hybrid with two connectors for line and two for SET.

Optional Multi-channel connectivity: AoIP through an internal 16 or 32 channels module with DANTE/AES67 protocol. Alternatively, MADI through a 64 Channel I/O, internal SFP transceiver fiber module.

Weight and Dimensions:

  • Weight: 5.2 to 6 Kg (11.5 to 13.2 lbs) depending on options.
  • Width: 482 mm (19″).
  • Height: 2RU. 89 mm (3 ½”).
  • Depth: 330 mm (13″).

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