Cloud-based codec system

Link generation

Forwarding to Phoenix audiocodecs

Cloud-based codec link system

SMARTALK is a service that generates on the PC or smartphone, a link to a website, to instantly download an OPUS audiocodec from the cloud, which through a SIP server, automatically connects to the studio’s AEQ audiocodec.

OPUS encoding,
recommended by AEQ
You can use your favourite smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC
Excellent broadcast quality
Nearby, cloud-based link server for negligible send and return delay


Develop your broadcast without audiocodec

Connection between talents, from their PC, tablet or mobile phone, and the designated Phoenix audiocodec in the studio, without the need for an audiocodec.

Develop your broadcast easily

No need to install any application or enter a username and password, just a direct web link. No prior configuration or remote assistance is required.

Develop your broadcast safely

It is based on a set of redundant servers located in the cloud, in the same region as your studio: A good home or mobile internet connection with good coverage and a moderate bit rate is sufficient. You will also have support included in the service.

Develop your broadcast in a flexible way

During the subscription period, SMARTALK subscribers can send an unlimited number of their connection link for the licensed Phoenix audiocodecs.

Do a demo without commitment

Any Phoenix audiocodec user can subscribe to the SMARTALK trial service free of charge. Configuration of the service and a demonstration will be provided in advance.

High quality broadcast without portable audiocodec


Guest mode

The studio sends a link by E-Mail, WhatsApp or QR code image. Accepting the link opens a welcome screen, and clicking on it, the user is registered in the operator's waiting list, to enter On Air, in the codec assigned.

Reporter mode

Sometimes you can work without an operator in the studio. In that case, by clicking on the welcome screen, the user is active On Air on the pre-assigned codec line or the one that is available in the station.

Studio software

The application allows on the one hand to configure the system and on the other to generate and send the links. It is also entered through a web browser, indicating username and password. 

There are two levels of studio user:

  • Create the “GUESTS” or users of remote terminals, send them the links and in guest mode, put the calls in the audiocodecs.
  •  Administrator users, have access to the full administration menu.

Other Technical Features

Assignment to the service

Optimized for Venus 4 audiocodecs, audiocodec channels can be individually and dynamically assigned to
SMARTALK by preset. In other Phoenix audiocodecs you can assign the channels to the service manually.

License types

Annual renewable license with a trial period. The licenses are based on the number of audiocodecs in the studio.

1 Phoenix audiocodec with 1 or 2 lines
Up to 5 Phoenix audiocodecs with 1 or 2 lines.
Up to 10 Phoenix audiocodecs with 1 or 2 lines.
Up to 20 Phoenix audiocodecs with 1 or 2 lines.

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