Digital Audio Consoles from 96 to 8 faders

Audio matrices up to 5.080x5.080 channels

Audio Interfaces from 4 to 32 I/O channels

Monitor the presence and characteristics of a high density of audio and video signals

Using off-the-shelf routing equipment to send audio over IP in small to medium-sized systems offers cost advantages over synchronous solutions using AES-10 (MADI) or TDM buses. These have higher capacity, but require powerful hardware. Besides, large TDM systems can reduce their cost and at the same time increase their flexibility when they are combined with IP audio links to connect a few circuits with a central router.

That is why when developing the AEQ IP audio routing system, we have not only created IP connection elements for the consoles, but also interfaces or patch panels that allow audio inputs and outputs to be installed where needed, such as the NETBOX interfaces.

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