Distributors and authorized dealers

In this world of globalisation one might think that it would be natural to remove distribution channels. However, we tend to demand or require local support and highly customized service. Furthermore, due to the relatively complex nature of our products and the working environment that they were designed for, at AEQ we believe that a strong local presence through locals is the best approach.

Therefore, AEQ’s worldwide presence is greatly accomplished through a network of distributors and authorised dealers. AEQ’s worldwide distribution network consists of carefully selected and trained audio professionals.

Please select a geographical area below to find contact information of a distributor or dealer close to you. If you are unable to find a dealer or a distributor for you specific country, please contact AEQ headquarters or send us an e-mail to aeqsales@aeq.es


General Management

Iván Olmeda


Lola Moro

Assistant to CEO

Marketing and Communications

Gustavo Robles

Marketing and Sales Director

Miguel Sancho

Senior Marketing Manager

Mónica de la Fuente

2.0 Marketing Manager

Sandra Madrazo

Community Manager

International Sales

Ramón Gonzalez


Peter Howarth

Special Markets, UK and Italy

Antonio Pérez

Asia and the Pacifics

Luis Miguel Sánchez-Migallón

Latin America

Commercial Offices

Antonio Piçarra


César Reyna


Thomas Kurien


Spain Sales

Eduardo Guerrero

North, Extremadura and Murcia

Guadalupe López

Galicia, Aragon y Centro

Nacho Olivella


Bernardo Sáiz

South and Islands

Export and Product Manager

Mónica Martín


Roberto Tejero

Product Manager