Specialists in control and monitoring software for broadcast applications, such as mixing consoles, audiocodecs, playout and multiconferencing systems, intercom systems, audio interfaces and routers… Nowadays, more than ever, remote work is essential, so our communications and intercom solutions are accompanied by software to be able to work from multiple locations and coordinate off-site productions.

Automation Software for Radio and Television


AEQ has been developing professional radio automation systems since 1992. AudioPLUS incorporates tools for manual, automatic and remote-controlled broadcasting, automatic programming of music and advertising, as well as content generation and editing.

Audio Matrix Control Software

Intercom System Control Software

Audiocodecs System Control Software

Real-Time Control Software for Commentary Systems

Olympia 3 CU Control

Real-time control software, with a display similar to the surface of the CU, including intercom and vumeters.

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